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2. Functional analysis of a transcription factor Sox17 in embryonic implantation to the uterus.

These days, sixty to eighty million couples, which correspond to 10 to 25% of the total number of couples, suffer from infertility. Of these, 41% is considered to be female problems. We focus on infertility caused by defects in implantation and in the oviduct.

①Embryonic problems such as chromosomal aberrations
②Defects in the uterus
③Functional impairment of the ovary (corpus luteum)
④Immunological factors
⑤Infertility caused by oviduct defects
⑥Closure of the oviduct and adhesion of tissues surrounding the oviduct

Sox7 and Sox17 are expressed in the luminal epithelium in the uterus and are likely to play a role in implantation. We investigate these genes especially focusing on their possible involvement in disorder of implantation.